Dovi Frances receives Outstanding Achievement Award in Los Angeles

Dovi Frances
3 min readMay 25, 2023


The award was part of Israel-American Council and Israel’s Consulate in LA’s official celebration of the Jewish states’ 75th anniversary of independence.

Full speech given at the award is here:

“Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests, the honorable Israeli General Consul, Dr. Hillel Newman, Mr. Shoham Nicolet and esteemed IAC board:

Seventeen years ago, I left Israel to pursue my Master’s degree at UCLA Anderson, and since then, I have made Los Angeles my second home.

As a venture investor since 2012, I have had the privilege of supporting and guiding disruptive Israeli tech companies as they expand globally.

Today, I stand before you offering guidance, seeking your assistance, and sharing a message of hope.

Dovi Frances, photo taken by Israeli American Council, Israeli General Consul @edenskiz

The world we once knew, characterized by stability and globalization, has transformed into a chaotic landscape. Declining populations and an unstable climate now disrupt economies and supply chains.

However, amidst this chaos, science and technology forge ahead, presenting revolutionary innovations like CRISPR, Quantum Computing, AI, and Machine Learning.

These advancements hold the key to overcoming the challenges ahead.

Israel, despite its small size, has been a beacon of innovation and prosperity. Yet, we cannot take our success for granted.

General Consul Dr. Hillel Newman, Mr. Shoham Nicolet, IAC President, Mr. Natti Saidoff, Dovi Frances, photo taken by Israeli American Council, Israeli General Consul @edenskiz
Gal Gadot, Israeli-American Actress and Award Recipient, Dovi Frances

The startup nation now faces a critical shortage of domestic and foreign investments, imperiling our tech-driven economy.

Moreover, Israel’s education system must adapt to the transformative power of AI, preparing tens of thousands of engineers for this inevitable future.

If this was not enough — internal disputes have tarnished our international reputation, urging us to redefine our national brand.

Fellow Israelis, Jews, and friends of Israel, we must recognize the transformative phase that is upon us and respond urgently.

Let us unite to address these challenges head-on.

We must ensure the flow of capital into Israel,

We must prioritize the training of Generative AI engineers,

We must redefine our brand to reflect Israel’s true essence –

Israel is a nation of triumph

Above all, the survival of our nation is paramount, Israel is the home of the Jewish people and let us not forget that we are all mortal while our land is eternal.

We must set aside our differences and petty disputes to ensure a strong and prosperous Jewish state for future generations.

Victory is within our reach, and with God’s grace, we shall prevail.

Happy birthday Israel!”



Dovi Frances

Dovi Frances is a financial services entrepreneur and founding partner of Group 11, a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles, California.